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“Whether you want to ride as a hobby or train competitively and participate in horse shows, our program offers a positive riding environment for you.”





Sanaa Pharayra Stables Riding School


Riding School Program


We offer beginning thru advanced hunt seat (English) riding and jumping lessons for children and adults. Within our curriculum safety always comes first. We put an emphasis on fundamentals, providing a foundation that builds physically strong and mentally confident riders. Beginning students are taught in private sessions until they are ready to ride in group classes. We take the time to make sure each student has gained confidence and competence at the current level before advancing them to the next. Monthly Horsemanship Classes are available to educate students on a wide range of subjects. Our classes are “hands-on” allowing students to practice skills that will enable them to become well rounded equestrians.


Program Highlights


• Experienced and knowledgeable instruction
• Quality school horses
• Low student to teacher ratio in group classes
• Monthly Horsemanship Classes
• Jump Camps
• Riding Club Program
• Lease Program
• In-barn schooling shows





Private Session - 30 minutes (flat work only)


Private Session - 45 minutes (jumping and advanced flat work)

$300/package of 4 (30 day expiration)
$560/package of 8 (60 day expiration)


Group Class - 1 hour (maximum of five riders)

$55/individual lesson
$200/package of 4 (30 day expiration)
$380/package of 8 (60 day expiration)
$720/package of 16 (60 day expiration)
$1020/package of 24 (60 day expiration)


Horsemanship Class - 2 hours (open enrollment)



Jump Camp - Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm




We accept check, cash and all major credit cards. Individual lessons need to be paid for
prior to the start of each lesson. Lesson packages need to be purchased in advance.


For your convenience, you can make your purchases online at: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=42347


Select "Services" on the "Online Store" tab then "Riding School" from the drop down menu.


• Scheduling Lessons


All private lessons are scheduled on an individual basis; you can contact us by phone, text or email to set them up. Group classes will occur on the same day and time each week. Once you have enrolled into a group class your spot will be reserved for you every week. When a group lesson fills, priority for enrollment in that class will be given to students who pre-purchase lesson packages. If you cannot make it to your lesson/class it is your responsibility to give us a 24 hour notice. Make-up classes can be scheduled on an individual basis.



• Arrival Times
Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of your lesson. Approved riders can come 30 minutes early to groom and tack their horses and stay after to groom and un-tack them.


• Lesson Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel or reschedule your lesson or class we require that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. This allows us to offer your time slot to another
student. If you are not able to provide ample notice to cancel your lesson/class you will be charged your normal price for that slot.





• Riding Club

Our riding club program is an excellent “next step” for riders who want to increase their time in the saddle and experience the connection and bond of having a horse. Club members will be assigned a horse that will remain with them for the duration of their membership. Included in the membership are two group lessons per week, one scheduled practice-ride per week, and one monthly Horsemanship Class. Club membership allows you to have a private locker, where you will be able to store your own tack and equipment. Members will also have the privilege of riding their own club horse in special events at our facility.

Monthly Membership Cost: $650

• School Horse FULL Lease
Our school horse lease is an excellent way for you to get experience having your own horse without the long term commitments of actually owning one. All of our school horses are available for full leases within our program. When you lease one of our horses you will be responsible for all costs associated with that horse’s care: board, shoeing, veterinary care, supplemental feeding, etc… You will have full access of your leased horse within our program: lessons, practice-rides, trail-rides, in-barn horse shows, out of barn horse shows, clinics, special events, etc… Full leases require enrollment in a training program. (See training price sheet :).

Monthly Lease Cost: $650 (includes board)

Barn Address: 4790 W. Lynn Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320  -   Phone: (818) 618-2264   -   Email: sanaa@sanaapharayra.com     

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